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Australian Waxing Company was founded in 1990 by Janine Akkad. After having spent over 15 years working in England, France & Dubai, Janine wanted to introduce to the beauty industry a unique and unbiased service that specialized in hair removal products and waxing training services. Following demand and encouragement from our customers, we gradually added to our product lines and today we offer and support a comprehensive range of quality beauty products.

Being a specialized supplier, we carefully test and evaluate the brands we promote, including Jax Wax, Gelish, GlymedPlus, Elleebana, Belmacil, Rubis, OPI, Arbre, Caron, Lycon & Roll On waxes. Our Company’s flagship brand is Bareskin, which has evolved over years of industry collaboration. Bareskin has become our #1 seller and continues to be the preferred choice of professionals.

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