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KandiGear provides you with the best customized masks in town! The venture was started by enthusiastic friends, who turned it into an entrepreneurial project. Masks made at and provided by KandiGear are unique and exclusive. The masks can be worn at musical evenings, raves, masquerades or get-togethers and parties. These masks represent friendship, love as well as a spirit of fun and youth!

KandiGear values PLUR ~ PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and RESPECT. These are the core values of the brand, which has a strong vision of bringing together different people on a singular platform. These people can unite together, stand together, hiding their differences like ethnicity, religion etc. under the mask. KandiGear envisions a generation where each person stands hand in hand with another, overlooking the racial and the ethnic differences present. These masks have allowed the team at KandiGear to help people connect, through allowing them to create a stronger identity.

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